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The Long Road


Sunset Susan


Drama Queen

Snowy Blanket

Orange Fall

Bridge of Doom

Contrasting Image

Lookout Mountain

Dragons Layer

The Red Line

Cotton Candy Green

Face Mountain

Gold Lane

Snowy Alien

Slow Lane

Mirage Creek


Jagged Lake

Sunset at Lake Selmac

Mountains in the clouds

Little Lamb


Pinning for the Moon

Many colored Field


Bleeding Mountain

Hide & Seek

Looking Glass

Wild River

Mountain Peak

Bird Catcher

Contrasting Lookout

Old Smokey

Lonely Oak

Moon Base

Sweet Trickle

Pointy Peak

Old time theme

Pine Cone Dropoff

Rainbow Creek


Crazy Branches

A Tree Grows

The Final Stand

Hugging the Moon

Hedge Hog

Dark Shadow

Red Rock Pool

Feather Blue Sky

Mounds of Yellow Flowers

Painting Yellow and Green

Snow River 2

Spring Running in Snow

Crossing the Bridge

Reflections of Fall in Deer Creek

Secrets Through the Trees

Wild Colors

Fall Reflections in Selma

Playful Colors in Fall

The Curve in The Road

Very Windy Road

Contrasting Intensity

Deeper Colors on The River

Foggy Trial

Snags In The Gog

Winding Illinois River

Waiting For An Eagle